Letter: Vote yes on St. Louis Park Public Schools referendum

To the editor:

I have been hearing talk about a proposed referendum for the school district that will appear on the Nov. 7 ballot. After reading the article explaining the key points of the referendum in the Sun Sailor, I felt compelled to write a letter of support of this referendum.

As a student at St. Louis Park High School, I feel the improvements that are being discussed will have a positive impact on all learners in the community. From the preschooler attending Early Childhood Family Education programs at Central, to the middle school students who will benefit from an updated media center, to the high schooler who will be able to use the weight room even if they are not in sports, to the adult learner studying for their GED, to the senior citizen who attends classes at Lenox, the proposed plans will make learning more fun in updated and safe facilities.

One of the improvements included in this referendum is a new central kitchen and updates to all of the schools’ kitchens so that made-from-scratch healthy foods will be available to all students. Having less processed foods will assist students in developing healthy eating habits and give them the energy they need to be successful at school. Most of the equipment in the kitchens are antiquated and not energy-efficient. Replacing them with new, good preparation equipment will lower energy costs and improve the overall efficiency in meal preparation.

The St. Louis Park community has given me and all the students in the school district a great educational opportunity. By voting yes Nov. 7, you will reaffirm the dedication you have to providing a great educational opportunity for all members of the SLP community. By going out and voting yes, you will be making a commitment to reignite the Oriole Spirit in all of us.

Joey Mack

St. Louis Park