Students from schools in St. Louis Park engage in BestPrep camp

Benilde-St. Margaret’s student Sara Ben participated in BestPrep’s Minnesota Business Venture this summer. (Submitted photo)

Two students at schools in St. Louis Park worked for four days with students from other Minnesota schools to develop a business idea and present it to people portraying a panel of investors.

More than 300 students participated in BestPrep’s Minnesota Business Venture, including Sara Ben of Benilde-St. Margaret’s School and Kyle Hedblom of St. Louis Park High School.

Students formed mock companies as part of the program but received mentorship from business professionals from companies like Allianz Life, Ecolab, Securian Financial and Travelers.

Students worked in teams to create a business plan proposal detailing marketing, finance and operations for an imagined product or service.

Participants came up with ideas like contact lenses for people with color blindness, a sticker that could be used to locate lost items, a water purifying sponge and virtual reality for kids in hospitals, according to a statement.

Kyle Hedblom, of St. Louis Park High School, learned from professionals at this year’s Minnesota Business Venture camp. (Submitted photo)

The Minnesota Business Venture camp takes place each summer in partnership with the Herberger Business School at St. Cloud State University and the Donald McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship at St. John’s University.

More than 170 people discussed their business experiences with students.

Amanda Labo, program manager for the venture, said it is “a unique opportunity for high school students to gain skills that will help them now and in their future.”

She added, “Going through a mock interview, learning about finances, working in a diverse team, communicating with adults and peers, and speaking in public are all skills that help prepare students for success in school and future jobs.”

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