Letter: Happy anniversary, Erik Paulsen

To the Editor:
Six years ago, Sept. 6, 2011, was the last time my representative in Congressional District 3 held a public town hall. It was held at Mound Westonka High School.

I am exhausted listening to Erik Paulsen publicly state that he continues to have town halls. I do not think that “robo-calls,” and “pop-up” grocery store visits qualify as town halls.

While waiting for a one-on-one visit with Rep. Paulsen on April 18, 2017, John Paul Yates, district director for Erik Paulsen, told me regarding the timing of the last town halls, “not in the recent past,” “it’s been a few years.” He claims that it’s “the definition of town hall” that is confusing.

Give me a break, Representative Paulsen, you know what your constituents are asking for. Please come out from hiding and face your constituents.

Sarah Eigenmann