Letter: A silver lining during troubled times

To the editor:

On the evening of Aug. 31, Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park, Montana, burned down. It was built in 1913 and was a source of joy for hikers staying overnight. There had been a fire burning yet contained, but high winds picked up and it caught the chalet on fire.

Warmer climate, hotter, drier conditions will increase the number of forest fires in the years ahead. The storms are more severe resulting in more lightning strikes. As a country, as a planet, we will lose some of our natural beauty through many means, one of which may be increased fires.

This comes at the same time we are seeing images of Houston’s flooding.
It is hard not to get angry about climate change and policy. It is hard not to get negative and depressed about that state of things in our world.

But, I am encouraged when I see people pitching in to help those in Houston. I hear the Mexican government offer help to their “neighbor.” In spite of the words of our president to the Mexican people being so hurtful, their government rises above and focuses – as people are doing in Houston – on people/humanity above politics.

A nice silver lining in troubled times. We all need to pull together. To remember what is truly important. I am sure that people living in the uncertain times of World War II developed coping skills to deal with the unrest. We can too.

Kerry Anderson