Wolfe Lake cleanup planned for Sept. 10 in St. Louis Park

The Wolfe Park Neighbors Association will host a late-summer cleanup of the Wolfe Lake area Sunday, Sept. 10.

Neighbors may meet at 8:15 a.m. for coffee and donuts at the Verge apartment complex at 3601 Park Center Blvd., Apt 307, and then clean around the lake 8:45-10:15 a.m.

St. Louis Park will provide gloves and clean-up equipment. The association asks people who intend to participate to email Jeffrey Schein at [email protected]

The association was founded 15 months ago by a group of individuals who said they felt appreciative of the neighborhood but also felt that it lacked a clearly identity as a distinct area within St. Louis Park. The association has participated in National Night Out, organized work on behalf of charitable organizations, helped clean up Wolfe Lake and surroundings and staged a picnic and concert.

Individuals interested in learning more may contact either Denise Davis at [email protected] or Schein.