Letter: Support Shekleton in St. Louis Park’s Ward 1

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Brian Shekleton for City Council. Brian is knocking on doors in Ward 1, trying to meet as many neighbors as possible. When I met Brian recently, I was genuinely impressed by his interest in my point of view, his openness to new ideas and his passion to make our city even better.

I like that Brian takes particular concern with livability and safety issues in our neighborhoods. He values the idea that young families should be able to afford to stay in St. Louis Park as they grow and seniors should be able to afford to stay in St. Louis Park as they age. He recognizes that a community rich in a range of diversity is a vibrant community.

Brian is also concerned about the safety of our streets. Families like mine are often crossing Minnetonka Boulevard on our way to the parks, to run errands or to meet up with our friends. Sometimes we walk, sometimes we bike, sometimes we drive. We need solutions that can keep us safe however we are getting there. Good solutions make the city safer for everybody. I hope you will join me in support of Brian Shekleton.

Annalise Atkins

St. Louis Park