Excelsior docks to be extended this September

(Sun Sailor staff photo by Paige Kieffer) The Port of Excelsior Public Docks will be extended next month.
(Sun Sailor staff photo by Paige Kieffer) The Port of Excelsior Public Docks will be extended next month.

By Paige Kieffer
[email protected]

More dock slips will be available next summer, after the Excelsior City Council and the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District approved extending the public docks on piers 3, 4 and 5.

The Excelsior City Council approved construction on the docks at its meeting Aug. 21. Construction will occur this September.

The length of the piers would extend from 95 feet to just under the 200 feet threshold. Piers 1 and 2 will not be extended because the current angles are not feasible for an extension and would restrict traffic.

The width between the piers will remain the same, but the length of the piers will double.
Currently the Excelsior public docks has a total of 76 dock slips, with 63 slips rented to local residents and 13 available for an hourly fee.

The extension would add 41 residential slips and seven metered slips for a total of 124 total slips.
The area around the docks would be a slow wake zone.

Excelsior staff is currently working with the dock contractor to obtain the supplies for the dock installation.

Staff is also discussing a dock reassignment policy for the 2018 season with the Park and Recreation Commission that says if any dock renter chooses to be reassigned, city staff will move the dock renter from his existing space to the equivalent space on the extended portion of the same pier.

The deadline to sign-up for a transfer request based on first-come, first-served basis for the 2018 season only will be Friday, Oct. 13. Notices will be mailed to all current renters in September.

After the transfers are completed, those on a waiting list for a dock slip will then be assigned.
Individuals who have a dock slip and do not respond for a transfer will stay in their current slip.

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