Letter: I consider Paulsen my ‘Un-representative’

To the Editor:
I just heard Erik Paulsen’s interview on MPR live from the Minnesota State Fair. He seemed to not give any answers of substance when asked about policy. My biggest concern, however, was the fact that he does not want to hold a town hall because it would be a “spectacle.” He said that people can meet with him privately for 15 minutes but he does not want a town hall in the public. Why not? He does not want to learn different points of view that his constituents may have? He wants no discussion? Does this mean he has it all figured out and will not change his mind? That’s what is seems since he only want supporters at his five minute grocery stops. He touted in the interview that he likes that Minnesotan’s vote for “person over party.” Wow. I vote for POLICY over party. That’s what I want in a representative, not a friend, but a policy maker. That’s their job. But if he keeps not holding town halls, he can only hang out with his friends, and not have to worry about policy I guess. He is my Un-representative. Boo.

Kerry Anderson