Steel Toe Brewing event to host beer-ranking event to illustrate ranked-choice voting

FairVote Minnesota and the League of Women Voters of St. Louis Park will host a beer-ranking event intended to demonstrate the ranked-choice voting concept that St. Louis Park city leaders are considering.

The event will be 6-7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 22, at Steel Toe Brewing, 4848 W. 35th St. in St. Louis Park.

The evening will include beer tasting, learning more about the movement for ranked-choice voting in St. Louis Park and using the system to vote for the favorite beers of attendees.

With ranked-choice voting, voters rank candidates in order of preference, such as first, second and third, instead of choosing only one candidate. Supporters say that the system gives voters more choice and voice in their democracy, rewards candidates who find common ground and build consensus, eliminates spoiler and wasted vote dynamics and ensures that winners have broad popular support.

To learn more about ranked-choice voting, visit

There is no cost for admission to the event. Reservations are not necessary but may be made by emailing [email protected]

Info: [email protected]