Wayzata Letter to the Editor: Profanity versus sanity in public office

To the Editor:

I find it ironic to see on the front page of the July 28 edition of the Star Tribune, above the fold, the words and actions of Anthony Scaramucci – a vulgar, profane representative of the highest office in the land, while prominently displayed thereon as well as the back page, are the fresh and beautiful faces of young people who have been recruited to promote the cause of Erik Paulsen, the incumbent congressional representative of my own Third District.

Paulsen has religiously voted 100 percent for the policies of the most unethical, least competent president in U.S. recorded history. Trump is the most reprehensible prominent political figure our once-proud country has ever had the misfortune to call its POTUS.

And it’s time that we, the people of this district, orchestrate a change in leadership by replacing Erik Paulsen with Dean Phillips at the next election. Phillips is a breath of fresh air, a man who is not afraid to face the public, conduct a sane and intelligent dialogue with constituents and present sensible, well-thought-out ideas to effect the change for which we yearn and hope and pray. I encourage everyone to check out Dean Phillips’ web and Facebook pages where he lays out his beliefs clearly and succinctly.

I submit this with deep sadness for the depths to which our beloved country has fallen, and with hope that, without the millions of dollars provided by the Congressional Leadership Fund, but rather with the grassroots support for honest and ethical fighters such as Dean Phillips, we save our constitution and our democracy from destruction by those who would throw it all away.

Marcia Dale