Letter to the editor: Excelsior seems to be filled with guardian angels

To the Editor:

On June 10th, 2017, I found out that Excelsior is full of angels. It was 10:30 on a Saturday morning. Art on the Lake was revving up on the lake. Road construction had traffic backed up with hundreds of people in town looking for parking. I came into work a bit early to grab some breakfast at Patisserie Margo. As I approached Third Avenue, I looked up to gauge that busy corner. I was hoping to figure out when it would be safe to cross Water Street. I tripped on uneven sidewalk and went straight down.

My arms shot out to break my fall but my forehead did hit the pavement. I was in a bit of shock I heard a man ask if he could help me sit up. He did. He was my first angel.

Other angels came and placed tissues on my forehead to stop the copious bleeding. Someone else started cleaning the blood off my face. Another angel knew I was having trouble sitting up so slid his legs up behind my back and let me rest on them.

The angels I know — R. J. and Pattie from Wine Republic, ran to call my boss and take care of Vinaigrette for me. I looked up and found three more angels holding umbrellas over me to keep me out of the sun. Another angel brought me cold water to sip. None of my angels abandoned me until after the ambulance came…. Obviously another angel had called 911. It took police intervention because of the traffic.

The upshot – I did break both arms in my fall, but If I hadn’t, I’d probably be in a coma. My forehead stitches came out fast and thankfully I heal quickly.

The last note – I stopped into the city on Thursday, July 20, to let them know about the danger at that corner. I was the second senior to trip there. When I stopped in town on Monday, July 24, the corner was fixed.

My sincere thanks to my angels – all of you – and to the City of Excelsior for the fast response.

Linda Landsman