Letter: A productive legislative session for Plymouth residents

To the Editor:
The 2017 Legislative Session was a very productive session for the residents of Plymouth. I am particularly proud of the tax bill, which was the largest for nearly two decades. Many seniors will start to see relief from their Social Security tax, families will see relief with an expanded dependent/child care tax credit, college graduates will be able to take advantage of a first-in-the-nation student loan tax credit, and our businesses will finally start receiving some relief.

More particular to Plymouth in the tax bill was a provision we pushed through providing a sales tax exemption on construction materials for the Plymouth Ice Center and help finance the remodeling of the facility.

This type of exemption has been used in the past, for example: Duluth using it towards the construction of their convention center, the Walker Art Center, the Vikings and Twins stadiums, and the soon-to-be constructed professional soccer stadium.

This provision could save Plymouth property owners up to $2.3 million in costs related to remodeling the Plymouth Ice Center. Reducing the cost for the ice arena means less money taken from Plymouth residents through higher property taxes. We have long been advocates for protecting the wallets of Plymouth residents, and we are pleased to have followed through with that this session.

Rep. Sarah Anderson, House District 44A
and Sen. Paul Anderson, Senate District 44