Letter: Vote Rog for St. Louis Park council

To the Editor:

I am delighted to support Margaret Rog for St. Louis Park City Council. I have known her since she and her family moved into to St. Louis Park’s Birchwood Neighborhood in 1992.

Twenty-five years ago, we both had children in the school system, and she has impressed me with the energy and intelligence she has brought to our community.

She has been involved in the parent-teacher organization (president, 2003-05); the St. Louis Park Friends of the Arts (managing director, 2005-07); the Birchwood Neighborhood Association (current co-chair), the Children First initiative and has been a fundraising consultant for local community organizations, including Maggie’s Farm Theater, Children First, Bookmark in the Park and the St. Louis Park Community Foundation. She is a commissioner on the St. Louis Park Human Rights Commission and a member of the St. Louis Park Jewish Community Action Affordable Housing Workgroup. She wrote the grant proposal that helped launch the Health in the Park initiative. There is more: Her website, (Rog for SLP) outlines both her contributions and visions for our community.

Margaret embodies the qualities I want in a City Council representative: she knows her neighbors and their concerns; she has a long history of community service and organizational expertise; she demonstrates values of inclusivity and hard work; and she is a problem-solver as well as an advocate for ways to improve our community. Finally, she is as fun as she is smart and dedicated. Most recently, she has helped teacher Kris Kulevsky organize a neighborhood book club that donates books to our schools, and the meetings are a fine way to socialize and contribute. We need people with her ready ability to grow community action and spirit. Vote Rog.


Julia Davis

St. Louis Park