Excelsior approves parking tokens

The Excelsior City Council discussed changing First Street to parking meters at the March 20 meeting. Several residents spoke out against the plan. The council ended up voting for permit parking only. (Sun Sailor file photo by Paige Kieffer)
Excelsior city parking meters. (Sun Sailor file photo by Paige Kieffer)

The Excelsior City Council on June 5 approved the use of parking tokens.

The council has previously discussed various parking systems including a rear-view mirror hang tags, a validation code system, and a token system.

The council recently agreed to proceed with the token system, due to the uncertain timeframe with the validation code system.

The two-token system will be programmed into the parking stations to address the needs of residential and commercial users. Tokens cannot specify a time amount, just a dollar amount.

The two-token system will have a lower and higher value token. The lower value token is intended for commercial use, to buy an hour of parking or whatever value the city decides. It could be worth $3, which is the weekend rate for one hour in that area north of Water Street and the full-time rate for the area south of Water Street.

The higher value token system is intended for residential use, to buy four hours of parking. It could be worth $12, which would allow for four hours at $3 per hour. Two tokens would allow for an eight-hour overnight guest stay.