Armstrong senior’s distracted driving video among the top 10


Armstrong High School senior Gabe Hostetler on the scene of his distracted driving video, which is a finalist in Discovery’s TeenDrive365 Video Challenge. (Submitted photo)
Armstrong High School senior Gabe Hostetler on the scene of his distracted driving video, which is a finalist in Discovery’s TeenDrive365 Video Challenge. He garnered the assistance fo the Plymouth Police and Fire departments. (Submitted photo)

To put his film-making skills to the test, Armstrong High School senior Gabe Hostetler entered Discovery’s TeenDrive365 Video Challenge and is on his way to winning $15,000 and the chance to work.

Hostetler’s video is among the top 10 finalists, of 1,500 submissions, and viewers could vote for their favorite video through April 18. Winners will be announced by the end of April. The first-place winner will receive the opportunity to shoot the video into a public service announcement with a Discovery film crew.

“It’s an honor to be selected among the nation’s most talented young filmmakers,” Hostetler said.

From the script to casting, Hostetler created a one-minute distracted driving video “One Decision.”
“I wanted to come at a teen car accident from a different perspective … from the perspective of your loved ones and how much if would hurt them if anything happened to you,” Hostetler said.

Going to a school that’s been impacted by a distracted driving accident, Hostetler also wanted it to be an emotional message that would resonate among his fellow classmates and underclassmen.

“The decisions you make affect your loved ones,” he said.

The “iconic shot” introducing the first scene, turned out exactly how he wanted. “I dreamed of that image,” Hostetler said, which is also the thumbnail for the video.

The shot he’s referring to is of a woman crying as emergency responders work behind her. Viewers come to find out she is the mother crying at the scene of her son’s crash.

The video flashes back to where she is teaching her son how to parallel park, moving on to the day she hands him the keys to his own vehicle.

At one point, she warns her son to turn off his phone when he’s driving. “If your phone dings, if it rings, you’re going to turn and look at it. I want it off in the car,” she says.

Gabe Hostetler’s “One Decision” video shows the devastating effects of distracted driving from a mother’s perspective. (Screen capture)

The scene continues to her son driving in his car. When his phone dings, he picks it up. The sound of a crash leaves viewers to connect the first and final scenes as it ends with the words “One Decision – Turn the Phone Off.”

Hostetler was first introduced to film-making in elementary school by his brother, John-Mark, who is nine years his senior.

About three years ago, Hostetler began to really getting serious about making films.

He become a young entrepreneur by starting his own film-making company, Young Vision, which produces music videos for local artists and promotional videos for businesses.

From writing the script and bringing a team together, to filming and editing, “I love the whole process,” said Hostetler.
“Even if I don’t win, I know I did a good thing with this video,” he said, acknowledging the support he’s received as being such a blessing.

Click here to view Hostetler’s distracted driving video and his other projects.

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