Plymouth READS author to speak during Primavera’s Literary Night April 23

The Sun Sailor talks to the author of ‘The Life We Bury’

Allen Eskens, author of the Plymouth READS selection, "The Life We Bury." (Submitted photo)
Allen Eskens, author of the Plymouth READS selection, “The Life We Bury.” (Submitted photo)

The upcoming Plymouth Primavera will offer an opportunity to hear from the award-winning author of this year’s Plymouth READS selection, Allen Eskens, during Literary Night 6:30 p.m. Sunday, April 23 at Plymouth Creek Center. The selection “The Life We Bury” will be available for purchase and signing. Below is a conversation with the author.

Sun Sailor: With a background in journalism and criminal defense, what inspired you to become a fiction writer, and how does it come through in your writing?
Allen Eskens: What inspired me was my love of daydreaming. I have never been a great reader, but I love to daydream. I studied writing as a way to turn my daydreams into stories. My background in journalism and law both act as foundational blocks upon which I can build my novels. I have no shortage of ideas because of my past life experiences.

SS: “The Life We Bury” follows University of Minnesota student Joe Talbert on a quest to redeem a man, Carl Iverson, he believes to be innocent. Why was it important for you to bring Carl Iverson’s story to light?
AE: Carl’s story is important because he acts as a mentor for the protagonist, Joe Talbert. Carl has been through a lot in his life and the lessons that he learned are the same lessons that Joe must learn over the course of the novel. Carl’s redemption is in steering Joe to the right decision.

SS: You have since written two other books including the recently released “The Heavens May Fall.” What will readers of “The Life We Bury” appreciate with these other two novels?
AE: My subsequent novels take secondary characters from “The Life We Bury” and tell their stories. As readers go forward with my novels, they will see recurring characters from “The Life We Bury” and be able to experience the personal challenges that those characters face. This small group of people will continue to intersect as they go on with their lives.

SS: As a practicing criminal defense attorney, how do you find time to write three novels in three years?
AE: I find time to write by closing my law practice. I spent the last few years doing nothing other than practicing law and writing. With the success of my novels, I have been able to close my law practice and concentrate on my true passion, writing.

SS: Any other comments?
AE: I have been very fortunate in my journey and I am extremely grateful for the support I have received from readers. My novels have made it to the best sellers lists because of word of mouth of my readers. I just want to say thank you to all of those people who have enjoyed my work and told others about it.

Compiled by Kristen Miller at [email protected]