Column: Why I love Excelsior

Liam Halloran

By: Liam Halloran
Guest Columnist

Today I want to tell you about my hometown and I hope after this … you will visit Excelsior a bit more! Do you want to live in a place where everyday you can walk into town, get some ice cream and then stand on the dock and watch the sunrise? Well, you can definitely get some of that if you visit my hometown, Excelsior!

In the summers of Excelsior, the best things you can do on nice days are only my recommendations from my experiences from the past. If you follow these things and you are in Excelsior, I guarantee you will want to come back again.

The first thing I recommend you to do in the morning is maybe riding your bike on the bike trail by the Excelsior library. From the past summers, my favorite way to go on the bike trail is the one across the street from the library.

It can take you to the beautiful lake town of Victoria if you’re willing to be on your bike for a while. Another thing to do in the morning is go to the 318 Cafe, a beautiful and cozy breakfast place for early birds. You can get wonderfully scrumptious food there. I suggest the breakfast taco that’s a delicious taco filled with your favorite things. The smell of it makes your mouth water.

After you enjoy that meal, you should walk into town and buy gifts! In Excelsior there is an amazing amount of gift shops to the newest most modern ones like Primp.

The best places to eat in this wonderful town are only my opinions. I like 318 (as I had mentioned before), Coalition (a place with the best burger in history), Victor’s (only something adults would like because it is very fancy), Yumi’s (best sushi place ever), and Licks (the best ice cream in town). It’s also a good idea to visit the music store, which has any instrument you could dream of.

In the winter, I’d say walk on the lake with a heavy coat on to protect you from the harsh winds of below zero weather! I would also recommend going ice-skating on the pond across from Pleasant Street, where I live. You will probably see some kids from my neighborhood playing hockey. And besides that, just sledding.

My neighborhood is full of great sledding hills. Big and small, whatever you want! The thing I love about Excelsior is the neighbors! I have wonderful neighbors who are willing to do anything for us.

And a good thing about Excelsior, if you are new to any neighborhood, you are guaranteed to have some kids around the area. Some active things to do in Excelsior are obviously biking, as I mentioned before.

There is also a yoga place in town where my mom’s friend does class. Plus, in the summer you can go paddle boarding. You can do yoga on them and even take yoga classes on them in the summer. You can also take a walk in town, which I have already mentioned to you about and gave you the highlights. Baseball in the open area by the Dock is popular too.

Now I want to talk about where to live in Excelsior. The best places to live are obviously the huge lake houses with huge boats. But besides that, the best places to live is on short little streets with not many passing cars. My street is the most peaceful and cute place in Excelsior (and of course I think that because I live there).

I would also recommend getting something close to town so you can easily get there. The last thing I love about Excelsior is the low amount of traffic. No one likes lots of traffic in cute towns. It ruins them! But in Excelsior you don’t get that! There is nothing in Excelsior that I want to be rebuilt. It’s as perfect as can be!

Today I told you about how good Excelsior is. And I hope this has inspired you to visit my hometown Excelsior. Thanks for reading!

Liam Halloran, from Excelsior, is a fourth-grader at Scenic Heights Elementary.