Letter: Rep. Anderson and conflicts of interest

To the Editor:

I want to call out Rep. Sarah Anderson (District 44A). In her capacity as chair of the State Government Finance Committee, she is blocking the Minnesota House of Representatives from hearing HF 246 (author Rep. Jennifer Schultz).

This bill establishes an independent commission for redistricting. If we have an independent commission (versus currently having the legislators themselves set district boundaries), conflicts of interest are avoided.

We need this to be done in a nonpartisan manner. This would not only avoid conflicts of interest but would save the taxpayers millions (Common Cause Minnesota), and would set the stage for less polarization and extremes in our political representatives. (Minnesota Citizens for Clean Elections).

Our legislators did not seem to want to have conflicts of interest with their pay schedule, but seem to tolerate the conflict of interest in drawing district lines in their favor. Call Sarah Anderson and ask her why she will not let the House hear a bill to prevent this!

Kerry Anderson,