Letter: St. Louis Park has soul thanks to support for the arts

To the Editor:

Special thanks to Rob Thompson, guest columnist, for his article “Supporting the arts is vital to the community.”

I attended a St. Louis Park Vision 3.0 town hall meeting this week, and it was the consensus around the table that “St. Louis Park has soul!” Many things contribute to that “soul” – its people, its history, its civic life and its creativity expressed through the arts and culture. Neighboring communities have discovered the support that St. Louis Park provides for the arts through its Arts and Culture Grant program and wish to replicate that model in their communities.

Doing a show takes hundreds of hours and countless creative contributions. Since 2008, The Park Theater Co. has engaged more than 375 artists and volunteers to entertain more than 4,700 audience members from St. Louis Park and surrounding communities. In 2013, we began to provide our artistic directors, performers and technical assistants with modest stipends, tokens of appreciation, for their time and talent. We could not do so without the city and state’s support as well as the patronage of our community members.

Community theater and the arts depend on this support and in return provide the creativity that is essential to sustaining the “soul” of the city. We thank you for your support and sharing those discretionary funds with our local arts groups and artists to make St. Louis Park a vital and vibrant community.


Jim McDonough, Jr.

St. Louis Park

Jim McDonough, Jr., is the board chair of The Park Theater Co. and a board member of St. Louis Park Friends of the Arts.