Armstrong student arrested for bringing gun to school

A 17-year-old male student was arrested Nov. 17 at Armstrong High School in Plymouth after a handgun was found in his backpack, according to the Plymouth Police Department.

A staff member reported information around 9 a.m. after a student alleged seeing another student with a firearm in the school parking lot. The school then went into “Code Yellow” status, which restricts student movement during class time, according to a letter sent to parents from Robbinsdale Area Schools Supt. Carlton Jenkins.

“Upon being questioned about having a weapon, the student admitted that he had a clip and gun in his backpack,” Jenkins stated.

Officers searched the suspect’s backpack and located a handgun. There was no ammunition in the backpack, according to the Plymouth Police Department.  The suspect was taken into custody without incident and the case remains under investigation.

The student will also be disciplined according to district policy which states: “Expulsion and referral may be appropriate when student’s behavior has a serious impact on the safety of others in the school or disrupts the rights of others to an education or the ability of school staff to perform their duties.”

“We take these incidents very seriously and remain committed to providing a safe and productive learning environment for all of our students and staff,” Jenkins said.