Letters to the Editor: Hopkins-Minnetonka Oct. 16 edition

Tired of mud-slinging

I was disappointed to see the Ryan Rutzick’s negative direct mail campaign which was directed at Jon Applebaum’s DWI that occurred around seven years ago.

I hope we can all agree that our district faces serious issues which require serious leadership. That’s what the race should be about.

It’s hard to even watch the news without seeing our so-called leaders working tirelessly to tear each other down with negative ads. I find it sad that Rutzick has brought the mud-slinging to a local race for State Representative. Our district deserves better.

Danny Abrams



Selcer works for women, families

To The Editor:

In her first two years of office, Rep. Yvonne Selcer has demonstrated that she can do more than make vague promises during a campaign and then vote party line when in office.

She has worked across party lines and has focused on the issues that matter most to our community.

One example is her work on the Women’s Economic Security Act.

Despite all the progress we have made in the workplace, women are still paid on average just 80 cents for every dollar men earn. By co-authoring this act, and authoring the Women’s Entrepreneur’s Act, Yvonne is helping working women and their families close the gap.

I’m also proud of Rep. Selcer for protecting a woman’s right to make private, personal decisions about her own health.

Selcer is a responsible leader who has brought positive results for our community and for all of Minnesota. Please join me in supporting Yvonne Selcer for re-election.

Karen J. Anderson


Anderson is a former Mayor of Minnetonka, past president or League of Minnesota Cities and Past President of National League of Cities.


Democrats use misleading ads

To the Editor:

It is unconscionable that Democrats use misleading ads to distract citizens from the fact that Minnesota’s version of Obamacare is failing.

Let’s have an honest talk about health insurance. How do Yvonne Selcer and her Democrat allies explain that their votes to support and create Obamacare in Minnesota led to:

• 280,000 Minnesotans kicked off insurance plans they liked, with doctors of their choice.

• Newborns without insurance as moms and dads face endless waiting, worry and uncertainty due to massive IT problems with MNsure’s $160 million website.

• Minnesota women experiencing the nation’s highest rate increase.

• Premiums rising by another 12 percent on average statewide for 2015.

Amid all these problems state bureaucrats still received $26,000 bonuses. Imagine the good that could have come from that money, along with the $160 million Democrats wasted on a broken website and the $90 million frittered on a Senate complex,

If Democrats like Selcer cared about health care and their constituency, they would quit deceiving voters by distorting the truth through dishonest tactics and join my friend, House District 48A candidate Kirk Stensrud, in trying to fix problems they created.

Anne Babcock



Youakim has shown leadership in community 

When my husband and I graduated from Hopkins High School in 1995, neither of us aspired to remain in Hopkins as it was then. But Hopkins has come a long way and leadership like Cheryl Youakim brings to the table has made it the desirable place to live it is today.

The upgrades we’ve seen on Mainstreet, diversity in housing options, the commitment to sustainability goals through GreenStep Cities, the securing of the best alignment for the Southwest Lightrail are all reasons I choose to stay in Hopkins despite a 45-minute daily commute to work in St. Paul.

Cheryl Youakim has worked hard and proactively to make these changes happen. Hopkins is without a doubt where I will be raising my two little boys, because of the excellent schools, the top-notch ECFE programs (of which Cheryl Youakim has been a champion) the sense of community and pride in where we live.

Cheryl Yoakim’s leadership and dedication to Hopkins through the City Council will easily translate to representing Hopkins and St. Louis Park at the State Legislature. I can’t wait to see what she can accomplish for us and the state of Minnesota.

Abbey Bryduck



Dayton’s broken promises on property taxes

One thing we can always count on: Gov. Dayton making promises he can’t keep. The latest? He promised our property taxes would go down, then pushed a series of credits and aids designed to help just enough to get through Election Day.

Make no mistake, our property taxes are going to continue to increase next year, in spite of the governor’s claims. My property taxes are still increasing and a new report by the non-partisan House Research Department confirms that this will be the case for most of us.

Their stats show that property taxes will increase for just about everyone in 2015. Unfortunately, this is only the most recent in a pattern of deceit for Gov. Dayton. I’m tired of his political gimmicks and games. Recall that Rep Selcer votes in lock-step with Dayton.

That’s why we need to vote both of them out of office. Vote Jeff Johnson for Governor and Kirk Stensrud for District 48A Rep.

Bernard G. Devine



Support Selcer with re-election

I strongly support Yvonne Selcer for re-election to the Minnesota House of Representatives. I served with her on the Hopkins School Board and witnessed her commitment and passion for public education.

Her legislative record has continued that same commitment. From her authorship of the bill mandating prompt repayment of funds owed to Minnesota school districts, to funding for all-day kindergarten, to pre-school scholarships, Rep. Selcer has worked hard on behalf of our young people.

Her hard work, skill, commitment, passion and results are evident. Please join me in re-electing Rep. Selcer.

Dale Feste



Vote Bridget Ann Sullivan for judge

Electing a judge is about more than picking the attorney who has served the longest. Unlike appointed judges, we get to choose the people who best represent our community in the hopes they bring the same values and judgment to court we’ve seen in the community.

With nearly 20 years of courtroom experience, an expertise built on diversity, and extensive community involvement, Bridget Ann Sullivan is the judge we should choose in 4th District Court 43.

Background matters. Bridget has spent her career doing representing a diverse group of clients in court; constantly learning and developing her skills and giving back to Hennepin County in the form of volunteer work and pro bono cases.

This experience, combined with her intellect and integrity, give her a sound foundation on which to carefully consider each case before her.

Experience matters. Courtroom experience is a critical qualification for a judge candidate. A narrow career focus brings a narrow perspective to court. Fortunately, Bridget has worked on a diverse case load, the same types of cases that will appear in her courtroom, not just criminal cases.

In representing victims of Ponzi schemes and other fraud, patent owners, small business owners and government entities over 20 years, Bridget has developed an expertise in the law and in deliberate decision-making. Bridget also brings a long commitment to pro bono and volunteer work.

This diverse experience has prepared her to serve all of Hennepin County’s citizens. Not only does she have extensive courtroom experience, the broad legal knowledge and the integrity to serve, but her diverse experience will help understand and meet the needs of all parties. Please join me in voting for Sullivan Nov. 4.

Charlie Firth



Middle class families support Stensrud

Kirk Stensrud is absolutely the best choice to represent Minnetonka and Eden Prairie as our state representative. His passion for our community is bar none, and it’s clear he looks at each issue thoughtfully through lens of hardworking middle class families.

As a family man and hardworking small business owner of a local window washing company, Stensrud isn’t one of those self-important politicians who will vote to build themselves new office buildings or give themselves pay raises.

Unlike his opponent, he certainly would not have voted to give significant pay raises to Gov. Mark Dayton’s appointees, an absolutely absurd way to spend our hard-earned tax dollars.

Kirk is running for office because he truly believes he can make a difference for families in Minnetonka and Eden Prairie. I’m confident that if he’s elected, he will find ways to make the state work harder for everyday Minnesotans.

Two years ago, Kirk lost by a mere 200 votes. Please get out to vote on Nov. 4, and let’s elect someone who can bring a hardworking, middle class mindset back to Minnesota.

Josh Fulkerson



Applebaum the choice for 44B

We are Minnetonka residents who met with both candidates running for state representative in District 44B. They share some philosophical ideologies, but two issues jump out at us that differentiate the candidates.

While they both support the Second Amendment and hunters’ rights, Jon Applebaum opposes citizens owning semi-automatic weapons – the kind used in many of our country’s greatest tragedies – including school shootings.

On the subject of schools, Applebaum, a product of Hopkins schools, is a staunch supporter of public education. He recognizes the damage vouchers would do to our public schools.

Vouchers are not a way to accommodate low-income families and they would reduce the state’s payments to our public schools. That would mean higher local taxes to make up the reduction, more cuts to our schools or both.

For these and other reasons, we are voting for Jon Applebaum for State Representative in 44B.

Al and Sue Sadowsky


Stacy and Jon Gallop



Barb Sutter supports senior citizen tax relief

To the editor:

Social Security is a lifesaving policy for many Minnesotans, yet that humble stream of hard-earned and desperately needed benefits is significantly diverted away from seniors and into the state’s general fund – which now has a surplus. Barb Sutter, the challenger candidate to represent District 49B in the Minnesota House, is supporting our seniors by encouraging Minnesota to join the 44 states that recognize the importance of delivering every precious dollar in Social Security benefits to our most vulnerable neighbors.

According to a study sponsored in part by the Minnesota Women’s Consortium, a single senior in good health and renting in Minnesota requires over $19,090 a year for housing, health care, transportation, food and miscellaneous expenses. Poor health, a mortgage, and other common expenses can add thousands of dollars more. Furthermore, the need for home-based care can more than double a senior’s expenses. Yet the average Social Security benefit in Minnesota is $13,059, so seniors are already struggling to make ends meet every month. Beyond the moral logic there is also economic logic to this proposal: Every $1 of Social Security benefit received in Minnesota generates $2.08 in economic activity, according to AARP. Tax relief is clearly in order.

Progress to protect seniors continues to sweep the nation this year as Iowa becomes the latest state to phase out its Social Security tax. Troublingly, Minnesota lags behind as incumbent politician Paul Rosenthal voted against this tax relief for seniors. As a result, Minnesota remains as one of only six states that taxes Social Security benefits as much as they are taxed at the federal level, making it harder to retire here. This is one of the broadest challenges facing our state because one in six Minnesotans receives social security benefits.

If we recognize that seniors are a vibrant part of our communities, schools and culture then we should take action. We must help seniors afford to live here because we cannot afford to live here without seniors. Voting for Barb Sutter is a vote for senior citizen tax relief.

Amir Arnold Gharbi



Applebaum will engage younger voters for 44B

To the Editor:

Growing up in this community, I have seen the high level of political apathy among our local youth. However, with the work of Jon Applebaum, I have sensed a shift in the attitudes of my peers.

Jon has shown them how they can be advocates for themselves and have their voices heard.

Jon is committed to including the voices of all of his constituents especially the young voices which are so frequently drowned out by older people who often believe that political participation is a privilege earned with age—and not an innate right.

Jon will fight for so many issues that are vital to my young peers and I, such as increased access to and affordability of education as well as preservation and expansion of rights and freedoms to all Minnesotans, all of which reflect his steadfast belief in the value of inclusion of our priorities.

If our democracy is to work to its fullest potential, we need all possible voices to be heard. Jon will be the representative best equipped to include all of his constituents in the conversation, especially the youngest voters. I urge you to support Jon with your vote on November 4 and support strengthening District 44B’s democratic spirit.

Caleb Hausman

Golden Valley


Rep. Selcer works hard for all

We are fortunate to have Rep. Yvonne Selcer represent our area in MN House District 48A.

Selcer has earned the right to continue her public service  to Minnesota and our community.

In the legislature, Selcer has worked to repay and to restore funding owed to Minnesota school districts, balanced the budget without shifts and gimmicks, produced a $1.2 Billion surplus and improved the financial outlook of our state. That’s an impressive record.

She will continue working for real tangible results for our community and keep Minnesota moving forward. We support her responsible service. She has been a champion for middle class families, education and for providing opportunities for small businesses to expand and grow.

We support the re-election of Selcer Nov. 4.

Dave and Carol Larson



Selcer supports expensive solar power energy 

A new law supported by Rep. Yvonne Selcer and by Gov. Mark Dayton last year didn’t receive much attention but will have a harmful impact on energy costs for middle class families in our town. For the first  time ever, the new law mandates electric companies  produce a certain amount of solar energy, regardless of its efficiency or cost-effectiveness.

Since Xcel Energy admits the new law is expected to increase the cost of everyone’s electric bills, I’m not sure why Selcer thought it was a good idea to force this on us.

Solar isn’t as popular as other renewable energies (like wind) for a reason. First of all, it’s by far the most expensive form of energy. It’s also  the least reliable, typically operating at about 19 percent it’s capacity, according of the U.S. Energy information Administration.

Imagine relying on an energy source that only works 19 percent of the time. Solar could never compete with the low-cost energy solutions we’re already using in Minnesota, so why did Selcer push for this new tax on energy? The sad fact is special interests who lobby the legislature always seem to get their way, even when it hurts the middle class and seniors.

When you  pay your first heating bill this fall, you won’t see the extra solar costs listed in a transparent way. The energy companies simply pass on the cost to consumers by jacking up our rates.

I sure hope it’s mild winter or my Christmas budget may end up becoming the victim of may high heating bill. I’ll have my kids write Selcer and Dayton a thank you note!

Vote for a person who cares about the family and seniors’ budgets. Vote Kirk Stensrud.

Richard Thompson 


  • Fact Checker

    Did the Sun Sailor fact check Mr. Abrams claim that Ryan Rutzick put out the DWI material?

  • Fact Checker

    Hunters use semi-automatic firearms.

  • Fact Checker

    Didn’t Hopkins Schools just need another referendum? Is it OK that open enrollment of Hopkins kids to Minnetonka and Edina raises taxes?

  • Fact Checker

    Gimmick? Did Selcer vote for increasing spending, but not the tax increases that actually created the surplus?

  • Fact Checker

    Not only does MN tax the social security of seniors, property taxes are rising. So, when SS increases 1.7% and your city announces a 3.4% levy increase, good luck keeping up.

  • Fact Checker

    $160 million for a website to raise our health premiums and we lose our doctor? How progressive.

  • Fact Checker

    Did the Sun Sailor check who actually sent the DWI direct mail?

  • Fact Checker

    Is it OK that Hopkins had another referendum while some kids open enroll at Minnetonka and Edina? Is that an OK tax increase?

  • Fact Checker

    Gimmick? Did Selcer vote for spending increases, but not the taxes that created the surplus?