Concerning Governor Dayton’s budget

To the Editor:

Adding taxes on cold medicine, auto repairs, haircuts and clothes are all part of Governor Dayton’s budget released this week. The governor is proposing $3.7 billion in tax increases. Every middle class Minnesotan will take a hit to the pocketbook under this budget.

Government spending will increase by $2.7 billion under Dayton’s budget. That’s a 7 percent increase in spending. All of this comes after a November Budget Forecast showing the state has $850 million more in revenue over the current biennium.

In addition to paying a new transit tax, the middle class will now pay taxes on online purchases made through companies like Amazon, on digital downloads such as iTunes, and on legal and accounting services such as H&R Block. Adding the sales tax to business-to-business transactions will result in higher consumer prices.

At the same time Dayton proposes to expand taxes on the middle class, he restores a fund to pay for politicians’ campaigns.  And, despite adding $2.7 billion in spending, the governor continues the education funding shift into the next biennium.

My colleagues and I met with Governor Dayton to discuss his budget. I look forward to working with him and Democrats to revise this budget in a way that will grow our economy and not harm middle class Minnesotans and job providers.

Sarah Anderson


Sarah Anderson serves the State House of Representatives in District 44A, which includes northwestern Plymouth.