They’re back!

You know that spring can’t be far behind when Girl Scout cookies begin showing up on our break table here at ECM Sun Newspapers. The scouts ply us with a variety of their offerings each year as a gentle reminder to plug the cookie sales – which is what I’m doing here.


I will admit upfront I’ve never met a Girl Scout cookies I haven’t loved. They’re addictive and not all that good for you, but what the heck, it’s for a good cause.


At the head of the parade for me – Samoas – Carmel deLites. They are second only to my wife’s sugar cookies made with a recipe that has been handed down over four generations.


If your last name is Van Winkle and you’ve never tasted Samoas, I suggest you run, not walk, to your nearest Girl Scout gathering and place your order. These caramel-covered, chocolate-striped goodies are not to be missed.


I’m also very fond of Tagalongs, also called Peanut Butter Patties. Peanut butter covered in chocolate wasn’t exactly invented by the Girl Scouts, but they certainly have captured the flavor effectively.


Thin mints are a traditional favorite. Do-Si-Dos are peanut butter sandwich cookies – very sweet but great with a cup of strong coffee. The scouts also offer Trefoils, Lemon Chalet Cremes, Dulce De Leche and Sugar-Free Chocolate Chip.


Having been a consumer for decades, I can’t help but notice how much smaller the cookies have become and how much the price has gone up. I suppose that’s unavoidable, given that the cost of nearly everything goes up eventually.


I am always thrilled to read about the scout who sells the most cookies. What drive and talent that must take. Or someone has an eager-beaver mother. I once had a supervisor who was a scout mother and she made it abundantly clear that buying cookies in large lots would be a category point on our next annually employee evaluation.


I have already heard someone say that an organization that pushes girls to be healthy and informed citizens should not be selling the equivalent of sugar and lard formed into a circle. I suppose there’s some room for argument there. But Girl Scout cantaloupe squares or pineapple pieces just doesn’t have the same ring.


Plus those are perishable. Girls Scout cookies, as far as I know, last a lifetime. I know several people who buy in bulk, freeze the cookies and serve them year-round.


I tried that one time but my one-year supply was pretty much gone by May Day.