Leaders deserve credit for “Lake Efect”

To the Editor:

I write to commend Mayor [Ken] Willcox, the city council and the staff of the City of Wayzata for their leadership in engaging in a thoughtful and inclusive analysis of our lakeshore through the “Lake Effect” initiative.

Our lakeshore is our city’s most critical asset, and there are few decisions that will have a greater impact on our future.

True leaders are willing to envision the future. It is far easier to not “rock the boat” or to be captive to those with personal agendas or short-term perspectives. We are fortunate indeed to have those citizen leaders at the helm of the City of Wayzata.

I do not know what the final recommendations will be that arise from the “Lake Effect” initiative, but I am confident that they will serve the city well.

Andrew Humphrey

Humphrey is a former Wayzata mayor.