Letter: Take repeat offenders seriously

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the article “Hopkins man allegedly pushes uncle out of wheelchair – twice” by Matthew Hankey published Jan. 9, 2013. I am amazed that the alleged offender, Antone Rico Anderson, remains in society, committing essentially the same crime repeatedly.

The article stated that prior to the event that occurred in late December, not only did he have an active assault warrant, but he had three prior convictions for assault.

Why, after all of these convictions, is this man still allowed to the chance to be a member of society? After his third conviction, had he been living in California, he would be serving a life sentence according to their Three Strikes Law.

Some may argue that life in prison is not the answer to dealing with alleged repeat offenders such as Anderson, especially at his young age of 24; they may argue that he has a life of opportunities ahead of him that will allow him to make changes for the better.

According to the Age-Crime Curve, a universal tool used to demonstrate criminal behavior patterns in relation to age, criminals tend to age out of crime by age 20, and those who do not, are likely to become repeat offenders. Anderson is 24, he isn’t going to stop. Repeat offenders need to be taken seriously.

Danielle Tryon


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