Nine Mile Creek Watershed District holds photo contest

The Nine Mile Creek Watershed District is still seeking and accepting photos for its 2012 photo contest. The District announced the 2012 photo contest in January 2012.

If you are an amateur or a professional photographer, the District needs your help to provide some eye-catching images. The deadline is Sept. 21. Anyone is eligible.

Winning photos will be included on the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District 2013 calendar. This is the sixth photo contest and the sixth calendar that the district has produced.

“The photo contest and the calendar have been so popular in the past that the Board of Managers decided to produce a calendar again for 2013. Watershed districts are required by state law to provide the public with an annual communication, and this is a great way to do this. Calendars will be available at no cost to the public in December and January at city halls, so watch for them,” stated Kevin Bigalke, Nine Mile Creek Watershed District Administrator.

Photo contest rules:

1. Anyone is eligible.

2. Deadline is September 21, 2012

3. Photos can be in color or black and white. Photos must be in a horizontal format. Any size is acceptable. Photos can be still or digital (digital cameras should be set at the highest resolution and pictures should not be compressed or saved at low resolutions). Contestant’s name, address and phone number must be written clearly in ink on the back of each photo.

Also, on the back of the photo, the location of where the photo was taken must be written. No slides, please.

4. Photos must be of the Nine Mile Creek itself or anything within the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District, including lakes and parks. (For a map, call the District Office at 952-358-2276 or visit

5. Winners will be required to sign and deliver to Nine Mile Creek a publicity release and permission to reprint the photos in various media.

6. Contestants must know the names and addresses of all identifiable persons in the photo. Winners will be required to supply a release form for each identifiable person in the photo.

7. Receipt of photos will not be acknowledged. Most photos will not be returned. Nine Mile Creek assumes no responsibility for the photos. Credit will be given to the winners on the back of the calendar. The winning photos will also be posted on the website.

8. Twelve to fifteen photos will be selected for awards (actual awards to be announced later, but there will not be monetary awards).

9. Mail to: Nine Mile Creek Photo Contest, 7710 Computer Ave., Suite 135, Edina, MN 55435.