Northwest St. Louis Park streets need more attention

To the Editor:

I’m inquiring why only portions of the streets are being torn up on the northwest side of St. Louis Park.

Aquila and 34th Street as well as many of the adjacent streets have been only partially repaved. The streets are not being totally repaved. The whole middle of these streets has been left, including potholes and cracks. Over four weeks have passed with 12-hour parking bans on these streets during construction. We’ve been patient and tolerant as citizens of the northwest side.

Recently, a haphazard paving crew came through our neighborhood and blasted through only to repave portions of the road. Potholes and obstacles still remain after their repair.

Three years ago we had a “patch job” on this side of town with the loose gravel and tar application with the city’s future promise of complete resurfacing of our streets. Why is it that the Excelsior and Grand crowd of SLP gets inlaid brick crosswalks, bus stops and subsidized artwork while the “ugly sister” of the northwest side of SLP gets half-paved streets?

We are all taxpayers. SLP has the same tax base assessments against all our properties. Why are northwest properties always being shorted for the glamour and vanity of the southeast side? All our citizens need to have equity in city tax-based (paid) services.

Bill Magdziarz-Rainey

St. Louis Park